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Talk:Gun politics / archive 1: Talk from 2003 and earlier . The fact is that in 2003 guns killed people in the USA, and twice that number.
The political parties in the United States are political parties in American politics that are mostly .. Archived from the original on 6 January Retrieved 6 July.
Proposed neutral external link: Debatepedia: Gun control. —Preceding unsigned comment added by Debaterx (talk • contribs) 18 October 2007 (UTC)..

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The linked page also provides a PDF with the actual law, but it only refers to it being illegal to carry in any establishment that serves alcohol. I didn't edit the main article, but somehow it doesn't seem entirely accurate to make that categorical statement quoted above. The crux of this issue, I think, is the question of whether anything sourced to the Brady Campaign should be excluded from this article on the grounds that everything published by Brady is their opinion and therefore violates WP:NPOV policy. Instead I would request that other Wikipedians leave their comments and opinions here. President of the United States. It appears to consist of nothing more than an argument in support of assault weapons in California.

wiki talkgun politics united states archive

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I have been over this with local Law Enforcement and we have contacted several attorneys who all agree that open carry is, in fact, perfectly legal, because the law does not explicitly prohibit it. Broken Links Fixed and Then Switched Back. The Dream of Deliverance in American Politics. The simplicity of this lead is lacking from the current article. What links here Related changes Upload file Special pages Permanent link Page information.

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Even today, shotguns and rifles can be owned in Japan provided that the owner has no criminal record and registers his weapon. It was a stub article that included two short lead paragraphs: Again, emphasis mine. But I also know that, as soon as economic or political interests are involved, the general public had better take a higly critical stance towards statistics. Another critical factor has been ballot access law.

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POST MODELSJAM CAROLINE BRASCH NIELSEN Help About Psych faculty resources master syllabi Community portal Recent changes Contact page. One big difference between pro-gun people and anti-gun people is that pro-gun people tend to be much more involved with the issue, and to therefore have all the facts and figures at their quick disposal. The important thing here, though, is that an infringement is a temporary, minor, transient violation of one's rights, just as one gets a speeding ticket for a temporary infringement of the speed limit. This argument assumes that guns have some kind of moral compass. Instead of 'gun-control advocates think that.
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