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Trump fans at the latest stop of his “Thank You Tour” said they see Russia as an ally and believe outlets like CNN and the New York Times are.
Here's a new way of identifying Donald Trump's supporters. Ask them to compare life “for people like you” in 2016 and 50 years ago. The Pew.
Where critics see a rocky start to his administration, supporters of President Donald Trump see an elected official finally doing exactly what he...

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By attacking the media as forcefully as Trump has, he has primed his supporters for defeat. The BBC is not responsible for the content of external sites. If you are, as I am, a sentimental middle-aged person who cherishes certain Coplandian notions about the essential goodness of the nation, seeing this kind of thing in person—adults shouting wrathfully at one another with no intention of persuasion, invested only in escalating spite—will inject a palpable sadness into your thinning, under-exercised legs, and you may find yourself collapsing, post-rally, against a tree in a public park, feeling hopeless. A guy got fired from his workplace just last week, he says.

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The whiteness, maleness and conservatism of his Cabinet proves he's not making any concessions to political correctness. See the woman in the green dress, fists clenched in excitement, standing to the left of Trump? And, she says, it will continue even if Trump is out of the equation. Rob Wenz, left, at Tuesday's rally in West Allis. What I find over the next hour or so, from a collection of Web sites, left, right, and fact-based: Yes, true: there are approximately seven million more Americans in poverty now than when Obama was elected. Certain prayers will be elevated over others. In person, his autocratic streak is presentationally complicated by a Ralph Kramdenesque vulnerability. We popped briefly out of zinger mode and began to have some faith in one another, a shared confidence that if we talked long enough, respectfully enough, a solution could be found that might satisfy our respective best notions of who we were.

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Trump fans like At the rally in Fountain Hills, Ms. Powered by bicesterlink.info VIP Need a Profile? Once, after what felt like a transcendent and wide-ranging conversation with a Trump supporter named Danny a former railroad worker, now on trump fans likeI said a fond goodbye and went to interview some Hillary supporters across the street. You can read free articles of your choice a month that are only available on bicesterlink.info. He attacked the federal judges who challenged his travel ban order. The press mocked his rambling, hour-long speech at the launch of his campaign, in which he disparaged Mexican immigrants as "rapists. The police line formed a human wiper blade that, over the next couple of hours, drove the protesters around and around the downtown area.
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