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showthread president donald trump

I closed down the Election 2016 thread, but have opened this one to discuss You don't need to respect President Trump, but I won't tolerate.
This thread is meant to be a companion to the Hillary will never be President thread. Use this space to confirm President Trump is still.
It's bicesterlink.info is our president! Thread: President Donald Trump! Not every President has been my choice, but I have always accepted the.

Showthread president donald trump - - travel easy

Subscribe to this Thread…. Location: City Hall, Freehold, Iowa. Restaurants and Dining Out. Software and Web Development. Personal opinion here sorry Maynerd - these guys need to button their jackets.
showthread president donald trump

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Trump makes a deal with Carrier Corp to keep jobs in Indiana. Here are some stats. That's a good line. Zero antibiotics or hormones? The law is pretty clear. It is a big victory...

showthread president donald trump