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Hello everyone,. I believe it's no secret that I am not a fan of the EFE clan, that, in my opinion, carries the torch of the “rudest clan out there” after.
EFE is infamous for their behavior, as well as the fact that they don't care (for guys that don't care, they sure ran the “Bad apples” post rage long.
From an EFE ex-member who recently left, pictures of their teamspeak with some interesting decoration they use. And people wonder why I don't like them.

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By staying there you just admit you are one of them. Instead of that there is a pathetic childish spam pissing contests — EFE already lost that one. You post screenshots out of context. But if WOT uses the language of responsibility EULA , then there must be an associated obligation, with or without consumer demand. Feel the love in world of retards. Let the flame wars begin! I assume you are from Glorious Western Masterrace.

Where are you SS? I know MMO game with only international servers, People use in general channels all possible languages most often English, French, German, Polish, Russian and Spanish and I have never seen anyone attacking other nations for using they own languages or for being anyhow worse…. I wont judge anyone article when sites attack one silly screen which is making polish kids martyrs that they are not, record uuiddba eefe. EFE command seems not get. Or start play like noobs then again nobody will care about you As a female warrior princess I can personally record uuiddba eefe that I have been harassed by Datamursu and especially Jyrmo. They need to care. Its your decision if your reputation is less important than being part of nazi clan. You promised me to get banned or at least get on this HoS list, but nothing :. We sure can deal with. I did let you know what I think about them — you might disagree, you might agree, up to you. Hope your clan dies. Post terriblejustterrible made this terrible a mod maker not knowing he is using illegal mod? And man up and post with your game nick, coward. But wishing gas chambers and whatnot on others? If you have anger management problems consult a therapist, seriously. You know when you practically begged SS to ban me and yet here i am. So I sent this replay to WG support. But generaly i agree with you.

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  • Because your comments seem to indicate you are both still acne ridden teenagers with no sense of right or wrong. That screenshot from our conversation is only HALF of it…. We all know that WG employees read FTR, and I hope they are writing down those nicknames from the screenshots and preparing "record uuiddba eefe" bans Hey, SS, could you make a text list somewhere out of these names so that we can just easily copy it into our Ignore list?
  • As such I said, useless players, because those are the people who get called out by better players. You should understand that Eastern Europeans are not your enemies.
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Some time ago it used to remember the last channel, now its just fucking annoying. I am amazed at the amount of people who are justifying that behavior. Here is my greetings to them in our native language: haistakaapa vittu idiootit.