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publications peer education promoting healthy behaviors

Results are presented here from the meta-analysis of peer - education studies published in leading scientific journals. In contrast to the many anecdotal reports of.
Peer -led health education has been advocated as a potentially effective were examined for publications of studies involving health education or promotion. . This applies to all the studies which measured health behaviour outcomes.
The Official Publication of the Society for Public Health Education Package for Health Education & Behavior, including Pedagogy in Health Promotion. Health Education & Behavior (HE&B) is a peer -reviewed, bimonthly journal that publishes...

Publications peer education promoting healthy behaviors -- going fast

University of Minnesota, World Health Organization. It would seem to be a method in search of a theory rather than the application of theory to practice. American Journal of Health Education. Schools may not have convenient time when peer-leaders and students can be put together. Browse journals by subject. Teacher-led results not significantly different from control on drinking. However, if Coggins and McKellar are correct, a fundamental assertion of the theory is questionable and the influence of peer pressure on the adoption of health behaviour is not as significant as previously thought. publications peer education promoting healthy behaviors

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  • A comprehensive search was performed through PubMed and Google scholar using the combinations of the following keywords: adolescent, peer, peer group, peer education, peer intervention, peer educator. Sign In or Create an Account.
  • This raises questions about how far some of these approaches were successful in reaching those hard to reach through conventional methods.
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Publications peer education promoting healthy behaviors - journey

Initially based on studies of infants and the extent to which they imitate the aggressive behaviour of adult models Bandura et al. Although located broadly within the field of social psychology, peer education does not appear to have its roots within a particular school of thought. This PDF is available to Subscribers Only. One adult-led group reported a negative effect on alcohol use compared to controls Botvin et al. Allyn and Bacon, Needham Heights, MA.

publications peer education promoting healthy behaviors