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publications infores rural victim services

In most rural areas, the efforts of victim /witness advocates and the needs of victims and witnesses seeking their services are hampered by the geography of a.
The Rural Victim Assistance guide is a publication from the American Prosecutors Research Institute (APRI) that focuses on the challenges of providing victim.
Rural areas face significant economic, geographic, and manpower barriers that make it difficult to create, strengthen, or expand victim assistance services...

Publications infores rural victim services -- traveling

The limited funds allocated to victim service programs in rural jurisdictions have a significant impact on the advocates' ability to meet even the most basic rights of victims and witnesses. The National Center on Rural Justice and Crime Prevention has identified two types of community and neighborhood resource centers that may help provide services. Volunteers also receive monthly trainings on topics that range from domestic violence to CPR. As one service provider reported, "The only shelter we have here is a female shelter and, even then, we don't have enough room for victims. After seeing ads about the program at area colleges, students contact the prosecutor's office, where a staff member evaluates each student's potential for handling the work. Although many cases of domestic violence are classified as misdemeanors, these cases are often complex. The advocate performs general office duties on noncourt days. With his or her visible support and public appeals, community organizations or nontraditional resources such as local corporations may be willing to donate time, space, or other necessities.
publications infores rural victim services

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