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Gleason / Gleeson /Glezen/Glisson/Glysson - update As of September participation in the Gleason Family DNA Project is now a requirement for.
Geni Project: Gleason / Gleeson DNA. Dear Gleason or Gleeson Clan Members: I had my Y-DNA tested through Family Tree DNA ("FTDNA") and agr.
Let's recap on some of the basic science behind Y-DNA as this will help you understand what you are seeing when you look at your results...

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At this stage of the game it is not possible to tell which came first - the Gleeson chicken or the Popkins egg. In fact, that could be the subject of a subsequent blog post. Outputs of the SAPP Programme for Gleeson Lineage II. Use permitted courtesy of Mike Walsh. Fred was born in Beaver, Utah to a supposedly Mormon family and was soon thereafter raised in Reno, Nevada. Their niche company offers bespoke SNP testing.

projects gleason gleeson

What if I forgot my password? This was a game of chicken and egg, trying to figure out if some mutations could have occurred earlier in the tree than. DNA the Smart Way DNA the SMART WAY. Anyways, I hope all GLEASONs or GLEESONs join the above-referenced groups so that we can find the missing links between our various GLEASON or GLEESON families. I need to dig out the specific reference to the Gleeson's being local land stewards. With related surnames: Glasson, Glezen, Glisson, Glysson, Leason, Leeson, O'Glasain.

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  • Projects Search for a Project. The surnames of their matches are an interesting array of rather unusual names, some of them originating in Scotland, others in the north of Ireland, and few apparently from the Cork area.
  • Once the members have been grouped into sub-branches, the next step is to see how these various sub-branches are placed on the larger Tree of Mankind. This identified those mutations which were common to all or some of the sub-branches, and which therefore potentially occurred quite early on i.
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Gathering the nations of early medieval Ireland

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This biases the listing of members in favour of the values of the markers that occur at the start of the row. It certainly is a possibility. It is not immediately apparent why there is such a geographical spread of surnames associated with the genetic signature of the Cork Gleeson's. Thus, with the advent of DNA testing, we will be in a very strong position to determine the various Irish origins of the Gleeson surname and thus confirm or refute the theories put forth in these surname dictionaries.

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