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Global ENSO Temperature and Precipitation Linear Regressions. Temperature, Precipitation, Information on Data, Methods, and Interpretation.
Note: Move cursor over product name to display the graphic. . temperature and precipitation by ENSO phase, NCEP/Climate Prediction Center ATLAS No.

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Local forecast by "City, St" or Zip Code. Long-Lead Seasonal Temperature Prediction Using Optimal Climate Normals.
products precip cwlink enso

Search by city or zip code. These monographs are used by many science teachers in their earth sciences classes. Forest Content faqs edofe usernameaid organizations U. El Nino and Climate Prediction. Global Temperature and Precipitation Linear Regressions and Correlations. Global Tropics Hazards and Benefits Outlook. Then a curve is fitted to the resulting distribution. At the time of product release, there is a live briefing available via webinar open to all products precip cwlink enso parties in which the latest conditions in the Tropics and the just released outlook and associated impacts are discussed. The favored areas of anomalous rainfall are also based on a consensus of the precipitation forecasts among the dynamical models.

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