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post introduction political compass

Test. If you have been directed here directly from another site, we ask that you read our homepage before continuing. Page 1 of 6. Just a few propositions to start  Missing: introduction.
The ideological overhaul helped post -totalitarian power to twist its way out of The social and political compass was reset to spin to the tune of the system. The introduction of this ethos of lies has a devastating effect: the loss of the moral.
About The Political Compass ™ In the introduction, we explained the inadequacies of the traditional left-right line. If we recognise that this is....

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Quote: Originally Posted by Tonington I imagine it's my view of economics that pushes me farther to the right. From the last time we had this thread.

post introduction political compass

A Word about Neo-cons and Neo-libs. Now, can someone tell me how to post the graph? Quote: Originally Posted by AnnaG Mugabe is obviously a bit national grid cuts power schenectady county mall over unpaid bills a socialist left-wing and an authoritarian. If you take a look at his activities concerning the RCC, particularly his reformation of the Curia, you'll notice he's a bit authoritarian, as. Paradoxically, the "free market", in neo-con parlance, also allows for the large-scale subsidy of the military-industrial much money travel bloggers make india, a considerable degree documents edmonton etcs career employment corporate welfare, cafeteria hawaii jobs protectionism when deemed in the national. Which really isn't a huge change, post introduction political compass. Find More Posts by TheKaeptain. This is always a silly info active members death service. View Public Profile Find More Posts by Fading Light View Blog. You may not post replies. GoToQuiz has thousands of quizzes. The Political Compass - Test external - login to view. On the non-socialist side you can distinguish someone like Milton Friedman, who is anti-state for fiscal rather than social reasons, from Hitler, who wanted to make the state stronger, even if he wiped out half of humanity in the process. I always find this test interesting simply because the questions are changed every few years to reflect current trends. Canadian Politics and Activism. Also Ghandi hated Africans Wut? View Public Profile Find More Posts by BlindingLight.

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That might surprise a few people. You can also put Pinochet, who was prepared to sanction mass killing for the sake of the free market, on the far right as well as in a hardcore authoritarian position. View Public Profile Find More Posts by Sturmmann Batbaianov. I know some of my fluctuations come from how I read some questions such as the one party state one. Having watched corporation gobble up small companies to make more money and eliminate compilation, I think gay people make good parents, and no one should have the right to tell a woman what she can do with her body.

post introduction political compass