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Continue reading the main story Share This Page. Continue So it's easier to find a Marxist in some disciplines than a Republican. Photo.
The Myths Democrats Swallowed That Cost Them the Presidential Election In the Magazine and rally against the election of Republican Donald Trump as president of the United A certain kind of liberal makes me sick. . like the one that would make clear why the Clinton emails story was nonsense.
Like so many on the right—and some on the left, like New York magazine's Jonathan Chait—Kristof generalizes about liberal intolerance on.

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By burlesquing progressives in academia, Kristof is making a faux-populist gesture of the very sort that drives the Trump-era right in its contempt for teaching and learning. Until recently, though, no one had quantified just how far left higher ed here had drifted. That, however, is not what an election is about. He has always been after bigger game. The problem this election season has been that liberal Democrats—just like too many Republicans—have been consumed by provably false conspiracy theories.

I live in Maine, on the border of very liberal and very conservative congressional districts. An error has occurred. Can Jews not be wrong, or anti-Semitic? The conspiracy theory embraced by Bernie-or-Busters that the DNC-sponsored debates were all held on nights when no one would watch is completely false, Kurt Eichenwald argues. Until recently, though, no one had quantified just how far left higher ed here had drifted. By Kevin Baker Blog category parts accessories. Like the idea that all American wars are just. Journalists trying to do honest work find themselves under siege from several sides simultaneously, magazine story myth liberal republic. Like most tourists, he sees what he came to see. New Dealized Republicans saw in the magazine story myth liberal republic unions a working-class fraction able to counter the influence of the left-leaning CIO and fragment the labor base of the vaunted New Deal coalition. The stakes involve not just fairness to conservatives or evangelical Christians, not just whether progressives will be true to their own values, not just the benefits that come from diversity and diversity of thought is arguably among the most important kindsbut also the quality of education. Seven states have only a single congressional district. Unlimited article access, anytime. New York magazine, in the heart of liberal country, chose right-wing talk-show host Tucker Carlson as its sole national correspondent. Universities should be a hubbub of the full range of political perspectives from A to Z, not just from V to Z. None of this should come as a surprise. Conservatives can be spotted in the sciences and in economics, but they are virtually an endangered species in fields like anthropology, sociology, history and literature. Former attorney general Eric Holder has pledged to dedicate himself to attacking gerrymandering, and former president Barack Obama has likewise indicated that he will make it a major cause of his post-presidency, the most directly partisan focus of any former president in living memory.

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