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learn birth control shot depo provera

Both the birth control pill and the birth control shot, Depo - Provera contain hormones. Learn more and decide if one is right for you.
What is Depo - Provera? Depo - Provera is a long-acting form of birth control using only the progestin hormone. It is given by injection and repeated every Missing: learn.
The birth control shot (Depo - Provera) is a very effective method of birth control. It works best when you get the shot every 12 weeks..

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Although birth control pills and the birth control shot are very safe for most women, doctors may not prescribe them to every woman who is seeking a birth control plan. Doesn't interrupt the heat of the moment. Learn more about this contraceptive, including...

Depo-provera: the Drug Made to Kill Black Women

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The birth control shot sometimes called Depo-Provera, the Depo shot, or DMPA contains the hormone progestin. If you want to do even fewer clinic visits—and save on transportation and exam fees—you might want to ask your health care provider about DIY depo.... If you live far from a health center, or if you just have a really busy life and think you won't stay on top of getting your follow-up shots, some other birth control methods might be a better fit for you. Hormonal Methods of Birth Control Home. The most common complaints:..

learn birth control shot depo provera