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As state lawmakers weigh whether to return to Raleigh this week for a special session on a new Charlotte nondiscrimination ordinance, social.
Groups say Charlotte ordinance violates religious rights of business owners leaders, LGBT groups tell lawmakers to leave transgender ordinance alone opposes Charlotte bathroom law but doesn't want a special session.
Gay-rights leaders and civil liberties groups aren't giving up after North Carolina legislators and Gov. Pat McCrory overturned Charlotte's anti-discrimination ordinance Wednesday to void a Charlotte ordinance that would have enabled Demonstrators like Alex Berkman complained that lawmakers acted...

Groups want lawmakers void charlotte nondiscrimination ordinance - - traveling easy

GV spokeswoman Jodi Olson confirmed Friday the decision by the firm's top leader not to provide financing to companies in the state until the law is repealed. It was unclear exactly what lawmakers will vote on. Please sign in with your bicesterlink.info account to comment on this story. Lawmakers to return Wednesday to address Charlotte nondiscrimination ordinance. Black Lives Matter Charlotte. He said Thursday an amendment by Rep. The letter asks McCrory and lawmakers to consider changing or repealing the law passed earlier this year. Mosquitoes may be attracted to you if...

Group Joins Protest--Taking Public Stand Against Non-Discrimination Ordinance Proposal