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I am not saying the Nolan chart is the best or even particularly good. User avatar A two-dimensional ideology chart based upon those simple truths .. In general I tend to think the political compass is biased in a leftward direction. At some point I will make a topic where I will present a sample quiz.
Kongregate Your political affiliation, post your thoughts on the discussion Get your games in front of thousands of users while monetizing I might combine all of your scores onto one graph to see where SD stands. . *Originally posted by **[SethT](/ forums /9/ topics.
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Topics may or may not be current events. I do not believe in any government financed social programs. Endangered wildlife, chemical dumping, etc. View the most recent posts on the forum. Citizens of the USA need to furbish up their enfranchisement.

forums general topics users political ideology chart

What is Fascism? The Simple Politics guide to Fascism (political ideology)

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The further to the left you are, the more you embrace it, the further to the right you are, the more you are skeptical of it. Turkish Strikes Target Kurdish Allies of U. I am a far-left social moderate. As I already said, this poll is not meant to be comprehensive- it is meant to be generalized, and, statistically speaking, those accessory values are statistically significant enough for your pedantic definitions not to matter.. Moon Knight has been dealing with the different personas he's created. Recruiting Freestyle: Aggie coaches canvass Texas and beyond. Child Boards: Alternative History.