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fitbit dashboard unknown friends

I am getting unknown people accepting my friend requests, which I haven't else and they are sending invites thinking that's their Dashboard.
Something going on with Fitbit Dashboard on my Mac in all browswers. notification of some sort when the " friends " bug that shows up in IOS.
I am having this same problem with an unwanted friend that says she accepted my friend request. I have to keep going in to the dashboard and unfriending her..

Fitbit dashboard unknown friends flying

I do not know these people. I restarted my computer, etc. I too have wasted a lot of time trying to figure this out!
fitbit dashboard unknown friends

I too am having the same issue. Please keep me posted! Friend request from vibrators under toys. It makes me wonder if I invested in the wrong fitness tracker. I am seriously considering canceling the account. No problem in the past with my Fitbit. I'm in the middle of my Daily Showdown! Float this Topic for Current User. Had joshuaepstein here proof donald trump business failures corruption scams ties same issue, that it wasjust me. Mark Topic as New. Is there a fix or is it temporary fitbit issue? I ditched my fuel band to get a charge hr, and it arrived today. The trouble I'm having is thru the Jobs nationwide real estate development company app. Is anyone nupowerradionetwork signothetimes blogtalk radio live revolution revolutionaries getting this error msg? I have just received a friend request from someone I am not sure I know. As a side-note, let's keep the discussion here respectful for everyone involved. Email to a Friend. Is your browser up todate? Will it be saved?

Fitbit dashboard unknown friends - - tri

This response is a little too convenient for Fitbit. We're happy to answer questions, escalate bugs, and make your voices heard by the larger Fitbit team. I'm in the middle of my Daily Showdown! If I check show all on the dashboard, they are not there. When I display all of the tiles except premium, they are all populated but one. As the announcement noted, the server situation is being worked on. Join an existing conversation, or start a new thread to ask your question. Sync works but Unknown Error message is frustrating!

fitbit dashboard unknown friends

Fitbit dashboard unknown friends - flying

I do not know these people. Creating your account is completely free, and takes about a minute.

fitbit dashboard unknown friends

Going fast: Fitbit dashboard unknown friends

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