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With the new TruTool TPC 165 Panel Cutter, you can separate polyurethane and thickness of 165 mm in one operation, regardless of whether the panel.
Recently we announced our new partnership with Trumpf and our exclusive stocking of the TruTool TPC 165 Panel Cutter. FREE training event on this product. Missing: fileadmin ‎ upload ‎ flyer...

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All this problems around engine placement and weight distribution brings me back to the idea of using a totally different propulsion system. You can start at any point on the panel without a start hole. In any case, these towers suggest that a microturbine-equipped expedition vehicle should in principle be just as capable of deep water fording, as a vehicle equipped with an ICE. Have you already tried them? It looks like the kind of small tools you use often once you have some.

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  • Big stuff tends to move around in storms, garage doors and heavy things, and containers tip over and smash vehicles. They're so cheap compared to "regular" Bessey clamp that I'd be surprised if they were made in Germany too.

Cutting Kingspan

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I have that one, with no name on it. A lot of people have commented on how pleasantly quiet that machine is. It's something much more complicated than that. There are two reasons for that: First off, we work intensely with a lot of equipment during the summer, but it's all parked for the winter. By the way, did Santa bring you a camcorder?