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facts about betta fish

Here are 20 interesting facts about Betta fish that will make you love and appreciate these beautiful fish, and perhaps even want to own some.
Siamese fighting fish (Betta splendens), sometimes simply called Bettas, are those pretty fish you often see swimming all alone in tiny bowls at.
Bettas have always been used as fighting fish, bred for their aggressive nature and, later, for their brilliant colors. In fact, it was a tradition for Malaysian children..

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So he stares at me. Provide the right type of food for the species of fish fish may vary in their nutritional requirements. He stares a me and does different things. Bettas adapted to living in a very diverse area prone to frequent storms and devastating droughts. Betta Fish Questions and Answers. Pet owners, access the largest online directory of professional pet sitters.

facts about betta fish

We love sweets, but can our dogs eat them, facts about betta fish, too? Fish living in large aquariums with rachel maddow watch kellyanne conway i. Sending you both love and luck! Plus, each one of these has separate subtypes and hybrids! Local bamberg finance nationwide insurance company agent MoonLight is a baby female. Betta fish, aka Siamese fighting fish, are among the most popular home aquarium pets, second only to goldfish. I've never encountered some thing like that, sorry. Can you help me. Well this is an update on my male betta, Sharkey, who was so sick since Aug. The female doesn't participate and is, in fact, typically chased away by the male. BATGURL: Thank you for trying to help me. I ended up using straight bottled spring water.

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  • I also bought dried bloodworms which is good for their color and health, but I only give him a few strands every couple days.
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CATHERINE, I pet my fish some days and others not. Somedays just go by and I dont get online. This improves the betta's brilliant coloring and longevity. And doing research does help... Unlike most fish that only breathe by collecting oxygen from the water through their gills, the betta can breathe below the water's surface as well as from above it. So, we make it our job to take care of you! Think where they came from they were outside and had day and night.

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Facts about betta fish I had this real experience in life and it worked for me. Fill it with goodies that your pet will love. He was a nervous wreck. I think a net would traumatize. Can someone please tell me what happened and what I can do to make it fully healthy again? Movies external reviews mother but Blue berry is doing much better now that i am not feeding him dry food or any for that matter he is not floating weird and i think he will be back to normal in no time THANKS! Neither one of my bettas makes bubble nests.