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does really sell

Society drives people crazy with lust and calls it advertising,” John Lahr once wrote. Of course, whether that craziness translates into sales is.
But is this really the most successful way to sell products? a close-up of a woman's mouth); nudity (which does not necessarily imply sex);.
Some argue that sex does, in fact, sell because we possess an “old brain.” This means that we're really only concerned about survival, which in...

Does really sell - flying

They demand authenticity and honesty. Perhaps the sexual and violent images stir up their own thoughts, which interfere with the ability to pay attention to the commercials. So, as we can see some brands really-really failed to correctly implement corresponding images to their ad and marketing campaigns. And for those paying attention, I am once again a regular Writer Unboxed columnist. There are so many ways to help: Find out how to donate money, stuff, services, time, or expertise. What Do You Really Sell?
does really sell

If you can't remember it, you're not going to buy it. Unfortunately, for most companies their marketing material and message is anything but powerful. Alrighty, we can see now that sex has been a hot topic for marketers and advertisers, but there is always another side of a coin that is not that shiny. So what does this mean for the future of advertising? Keep in touch with our community and your peers, does really sell. They demand authenticity and honesty.