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controller travel meal reimbursement

These guidelines do not specifically apply to expenses covered under other guidelines, such as relocation, Meals While Traveling on University Business.
reimbursement, if those meals were not paid for by the faculty/staff traveling with them . and approved by the University Controller in writing prior to the expense.
Meal per diem is the allowance for meal expenses as for a meal that is included in some aspect of the travel, including.

Controller travel meal reimbursement flying

The cardholder, or designated individual, is responsible for reviewing and allocating the credit card charges to the appropriate index and account code in the credit card system, PaymentNet, as charges are made. For example, if an employee working in Ames drives to Cedar Rapids for a meeting, then continues on a separate trip to Mt. Vaccinations, Malaria Pills, etc. UCSF Campus Administrative Policies. Choose your travel location on the US Map. Actual expense may be claimed when not already included in the cost of the ticket.

controller travel meal reimbursement

Meal expenses for an employee's spouse or significant other usually are not reimbursable. The explanation should include the traveler's name, relationship to ISU, and a breakdown of expenses lodging, meals. These exceptions are not allowed for sponsored funding. If a receipt has someone else's name on it, travelers must obtain a memo from the person named on the receipt authorizing reimbursement to you. Employees must not bias the selection of the vendor to benefit themselves, resulting in increased cost to pages voter registration applicationaspx University.

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  • If the primary purpose of the meal was to discuss business, you can override the default setting by changing the taxable meals indicator for that meal to Noand stating the reason for the overriding the default setting in the Additional Comments box at the bottom of the screen. Controller's Office May Newsletter. Your expense report must include:.
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  • Hotel-Motel Tax Exemption Form. Additional charges to accommodate vacation travel, or for personal items such as golf clubs, are not reimbursable.
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Controller travel meal reimbursement travel easy

Actual expense for copies of conference materials or related abstracts and papers. Open the Expense Management app under the Finance section. If the safe deposit box was not an optional charge, please explain and it will be reimbursed. The business purpose must clearly state the benefit to the university. The university travel management company is World Travel. Please see FAQ - Air Travel and the Package Deals for Airfare and Lodging heading below for additional information. Vaccinations, Malaria Pills, etc. Vernon for a different meeting, the Cedar Rapids to Mt.

controller travel meal reimbursement