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catalog educational psychology

Students in this course learn to apply social psychological perspectives when interpreting educational situations and events. Through reading and discussion.
Programs, faculty and staff, courses, admissions, research centers, employment, and student groups.
This course is required for students pursuing special majors in psychology and educational studies, and for all students Catalog chapter: Educational Studies...

Catalog educational psychology -- going easy

Topics covered include both dichotomous and polytomous IRT modelling, item structure and latent traits estimation, modeling and detecting Differential Item Functioning, linking and equating, computer adaptive testing, dimensionality testing, and cognitive diagnosis. Statistical Software Applications for Education Research. Applied Statistical Design and Analysis. HRM - Human Resources Mgmt. ADED - Adult Education. MSEM - Science Engineering Mgmt.

catalog educational psychology

educational psychology and philosophy

Catalog educational psychology - expedition easy

PHSC - Physical Science. Topics include traditions, theories, approaches, and applications of qualitative and quantitative research methods. HDEV - Human Development. Leave blank for all. California State University, Northridge. Emphasis on conceptual understanding and use and interpretation of computer software. Applied Statistical Design and Analysis.

catalog educational psychology