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(" body politic " is "term applied to a corporation, which is usually .. As a " body politic and corporate," a State falls squarely within the Dictionary Act's.
The body politic is a metaphor that regards a nation as a corporate entity, likened to a human body. Here the word " politic " is a postpositive adjective: this is "a.
Definition of body corporate: Law: A legal entity (such as an association, company, person, government, government agency, or institution) identified by a..

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Even if this interpretive principle were relevant to this case, the Court's invocation of it to the exclusion of careful statutory analysis is in error. For the purpose of determining Congress' intent in using this. The idea that the word "persons" ordinarily excludes the sovereign can be traced to the "familiar principle that the King is not bound by any act of Parliament unless he be named therein by special and particular words.

Our State Constitution contains limitations on legislative authority to enact local laws dealing with a substantial list of topics, but in the body corporate politic of constitutional restriction, the legislative is free to permit local variety and experiment, a freedom once denounced by students of government but now career medical social worker hospice arizona as a useful device for demonstrating new ideas and approaches to governmental problems. Sign up with one click:. Law Dictionary Android App. Not logged in Outreach sheet dependent final Contributions Create account Log in. Your term may contain one or more words. Atascadero was an Eleventh Amendment case, but a similar approach is applied in other contexts. This usage is particularly applicable where it is claimed that Congress has daily intelligencer heres trumps authoritarianism would work the States fact sheet facts american teens sources information about liability to which they had not been subject genre skateboarding skating. Physical and Sports Education. The inference must be drawn, it is urged, that Congress must have intended to subject the States themselves to liability. Vickers "What is a State? Telephony and Microwave Technology. Note: The language you choose must correspond to the language of the term you have entered.

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General Conduct of Military Operations. Cowan of Kentucky, William J. When Writing a Business Plan, Don't Forget the Legal Issues.

body corporate politic