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blogger featured post widget

This Widget Displays posts from a particular Label on your blog's Sidebar. The display can be customized just like the Recent and Random.
Featured posts gadget - blogger new feature explained. For selecting the posts you want your readers to.
Featured Posts is a widget through which you can display your own selected posts on your Blogger blog. The setup is really easy and requires just a work of 5...

Blogger featured post widget - tri fast

The pop-up message says this: bicesterlink.info is asking a user and a password: "Google Code Subversion Repository" And askes me for a user name and password. Thanks so much for your tutorials!! In default Blogger templates, you might face problems with styling and it can be solved only be creating a new gadget section. Although every comment is appreciated, due to an overwhelming amount of questions, I can no longer provide personalized help. You can add customized feed URLs too and know how read get label wise feeds for Blogger. It's not being selfish but after someone has read one post, you'd definitely want them to read another, right?

blogger featured post widget

Google Blogger has officially released the "Featured Post" widget to promote a blog post within your blog. This Gadget is much easier to configure. Log in to the Blogger dashboard, blogger featured post widget. I have the same issue thank you xx. Use one which matches your taste for the gadget. Latest posts by Kendra Key Lime Digital Designs see all Hope you will share this with your friends! How To Customize Blogger Featured Post Widget Like Professional Blog. For those of us outdoor leagues mens premier soccer league have Blogger hosted blogs, there are no easy solutions out. Leave a Reply Cancel reply. It should be just below the navigation menu and above the rest of the widgets in the bicesterlink.info you are having difficulty to locate and place it then you have to create a new gadget section. Read previous post: Cricut Working With Brands SNAP! Could you please help me? It appears this message as in the Recent posts widget that I use and had the blogger featured post widget problem but they fixed it : bicesterlink.info is asking a user and a password: "Google Code Subversion Repository" And askes me for a user name and password. Copy the URL for your featured post. Backup your template before making any changes. Do you know how to do this same thing but for popular posts instead of recent? If there is a way could you please show us the code to do it because I would like to implement this into my blog. Click "Add a Gadget" on the sidebar where you want to insert featured posts.

How to add Blogger Posts in separate boxes? (No Template editing) {Must have widget-2013}

Blogger featured post widget tri fast

Click "Save arrangement" and then click "View Blog" to see your blog updated. Help with either of these issues would be SO appreciated. And there are no images showing. Few days ago, Blogger released their latest official Blogger widget called " Featured Post ". The gadget is mobile friendly and will work with all screen sizes. For a blogger, it pays to have your best content in the forefront where it can be easily seen.

Blogger featured post widget flying cheap

Im having the same problem, the html code just shows up, and I copied the code exactly and changed just the url. The screenshot shows the various options available in the Gadget Name of the Featured Label — This is the name of the label from which the Gadget should pull posts from. Anyone with a blog wants readers to stay rather than move on to another. Receive the latest tutorials and updates straight to your inbox by submitting your email address below: Or subscribe via RSS Feed. Kendra is a wife and mom, based in Hawaii. I look forward to future blogging tips. When I paste this in and make the required change, I just see the html text on my blog, not the pictures. Then Edit the Widget and copy the Widget Code.

Expedition fast: Blogger featured post widget

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Blogger featured post widget I love the idea of this widget, but I can't get it to work! Or you can paste it in an existing style tag or create separate style tag for it. OhTauni I wish i could hug you!! The Widget includes resizable Post Thumbnails. You can refer to this post for instructions on changing out your favicon: bicesterlink.info xoxo Tauni.