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blog choosing name intranet

This blog post is about the different categories of intranet names I've Come up with as many potential names as you can, before picking your.
If the goal is collaboration and you are a company that doesn't take itself too seriously, consider choosing a name that reflects this--like “Chatty.
I enjoyed Step Two's blog post on “Three views of intranet names “. The three companies discussed named their intranets “Max“, “EON”....

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The "naming" industry is HUGE. Some other ideas for naming your intranet can be found in these posts:. You may also like:. If you believe the screenshot above, your first question might be: Why do I even need to name my intranet?
blog choosing name intranet

Think words like: connect, hub, pulse, gateway, link, edge, buzz or circle. Intranet wiki list still game episodes de naam van het beestje bicesterlink.info Intranet en de naam van het beestje bicesterlink.info's Website. The name will influence "blog choosing name intranet" way the intranet is perceived and used within the organization. We included the Intranet name along with the company name and logo when he launched our Intranet, but it has been established for a while now, and we are going to update the page and look. IMS — Information Management System. PIMA Federal Credit Union Redwood Capital Bank. Thanks for sharing Max! Intranet Design Best Practices. The reason is purely psychological. What is an Intranet? Come up with as many potential names as you can, before picking your short list. VIOLA Vogel Intranet OnLine Account. San Diego Humane Society.

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  • OK, it may not buy you beers on a Friday but it will be there to find documents for you, assist you in booking your vacation request, help find your coworkersand so on.
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IEX Integrated Employee eXchange. He is a full-fledged internal spokesman and mascot, complete with a costume and foam head. Alex Manchester, Nadine McMahon.

blog choosing name intranet