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blog best nature spots norway

Norway shows off its dramatic beauty all along the Nutshell route. (photo: Sognefjord offers Norway's best combination of scenic wonder and accessibility.
My readers come from far and wide, but not everyone knows that while I am a Canadian, I blog from Norway. So, I thought it was about time that I spent a.
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Where to stay along Kystriksveien. In the mean time, find their classes at Helsehjornet in Nesbru or at Sometimes in Oslo. Where to stay in Lofoten. The closest train station is Albinia. Randonee skiing in Setesdal.

The thermal springs are free and open all year long. The historic Telemark Canal. Geirangerfjord by Philippe Teuwen. Meeting venues in Bergen. Biking holiday along the Norwegian Riviera. Meeting venues in Stavanger. Family fun in Lyngdal. Where to stay in Trondheim. In fact, you can even spend a night under a glacier and sleep in the so-called Ice Cave.

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Picture-perfect landscapes beg to be explored by foot, car, bike or boat. If you cannot walk your way up, you can opt to hitchhike on a snowmobile to get to the cave. Hurtigruten Coastal Ferry by Bruce Tuten.

blog best nature spots norway