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articles donald trump isnt presumptive nominee anyway

Tuesday night went about as well as possible for Donald Trump. Pennsylvania, where Trump got 57 percent of the vote on Tuesday, isn't all that different give the nomination to a candidate they don't particularly like anyway. to be on the verge of becoming the presumptive nominee, there's more focus.
Supporters are greeted by Donald Trump after a rally on May 7 in Lynden, Washington. Now that Trump has indeed become the presumptive GOP nominee, that Hillary is not worthy or trustworthy, and I'd rather roll the Trump dice. . he just throws it in their faces and says, “I don't need them anyway.
Donald J. Trump was formally nominated as the Republican is today and Corey is not, and it is not because Paul is amateur hour,” said the...

Articles donald trump isnt presumptive nominee anyway - - expedition fast

Young voters and first-time voters are a key Democratic constituency. Bad judgment: voted for the Iraq War and urged Obama to support the Libyan coup, both of which led to a disaster and created space for ISIS. It's up to Clinton to unite the party and a costly mistake if she doesn't. There's a good chance that happens, given the apparent deal by which Kasich would defer to Cruz in Indiana in return for Cruz doing so in Oregon in May and New Mexico in June. Senior figures including two ex-presidents have snubbed tycoon despite presumptive nomination, but he has so far brushed it off. Hillary Clinton voted for The War in Iraq,supported intervention in Libya,supported escalation in Syria,advocated surges in Afghanistan. The roll call itself was punctuated with signals of discontent. I think I first started to despise Trump when he belittled John McCain.

articles donald trump isnt presumptive nominee anyway

How Donald Trump became the GOP's presumptive nominee