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Justice, in comics, may refer to: Justice (DC Comics), a DC Comics limited series by Alex Ross and Jim Krueger; Justice (New Universe), a Marvel Comics   Missing: aadalbum ‎ fusion ‎ masks.
The Hall of Justice is the fictional headquarters of the Super Friends, in the eponymous animated series, and eventually would become the headquarters for the  Missing: aadalbum ‎ fusion ‎ masks.
Where does the world's most powerful being go when he needs help? What does the Fastest Man Alive do when he's not fast enough? Who has the Dark  Missing: aadalbum ‎ fusion ‎ masks....

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Advanced stamina and endurance. To settle old scores, Black Mask murdered three Wayne Foundation executives and kidnapped Circe, forcing her to don a mask laced with Janus Cosmetics' toxic makeup, sparing her life but permanently disfiguring her face. Mid-Nite, Commander Steel, Stargirl, and Vixen. However, Roman lacked his father's business acumen and eventually ruined Janus Cosmetics by funding a failed line of face-paint make-up. JUSTICE LEAGUE BY GEOFF JOHNS BOX SET VOL. Black Mask later becomes the leader of a cult , whose trademark is ritual scarring, until Batman and the Huntress dissolve it by defeating and imprisoning Black Mask in Blackgate Penitentiary , though the crime lord escapes before the city is made a part of the country again.

JLA: The Nail series. While Batman and Robin combatted his underlings at the graveyard, Black Mask escaped through a false bottom installed in his father's coffin and headed to his family estate. Not logged in Images your blog Contributions Create account Log in. It serves as a base of operations for the assembled heroes during the events of the Invasion! Enraged, Roman burned down his family mansion, killing both of his parents and inheriting their fortune and business. When the Talons attack the Asylum, Dr. They are, after all, one of the most iconic and widely recognized super hero teams of all time. Rima The Jungle Girl. Justice Society of Americaa DC Comics superhero team. He demonstrates the ability to fly and reorganize the structures of buildings. This incarnation of the team is unique from the comics with a lineup consisting aadalbum fusion comics masks justice Hourman, Obsidian, Dr. August General in Iron. Two of the outraged protesters later blow up the Hall. Although she escapes his clutches once again, Spoiler supposedly dies due to the injuries inflicted on her and the willful negligence of Leslie Thompkins.

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  • Bruce Wayne, now the head of Wayne Enterprises, offered to bail Janus Cosmetics out on the condition that Roman gave up control and allowed Wayne to appoint his own Board of Directors.
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List of Batman Family adversaries. Two different, but similar teams featuring many different, but similar heroes set on two different, but similar worlds. He has also killed his victims by applying toxin-filled masks to their faces, poisoning them to death and leaving their faces hideously blackened and shrivelled. Arkham gives Sionis his mask back to telepathically influence the inmates into attacking the Talons and keep anyone from following Arkham to his safe room.